Kyverno Highlight: Meet Chip Zoller, Kyverno Maintainer!

Kyverno Highlight: Meet Chip Zoller, Kyverno Maintainer!

Hello community! Back in April (I still can’t believe it’s already December!), we announced that Kyverno topped 2 million downloads! In the blog I just referenced, Ritesh wrote

“The Nirmata team’s background is in building centralized management planes for complex mission critical systems in domains like telephony and networking.  As software has become mission critical to every enterprise, Nirmata mission is to enable the automated management of cloud native applications in an infrastructure agnostic manner. To achieve this, policy-based management is critical for achieving autonomy across roles while keeping alignment to organizational goals and standards.”

We donated Kyverno to Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) because we believe Kubernetes policy engines are critical for enterprise Kubernetes management. The complexity and learning-curve of solutions which require a new language and foreign tools has hindered adoption. Kyverno simplifies Kubernetes policy management and allows admins to manage policies and reports as native resources. As part of CNCF, we expect broader adoption of Kyverno and we also believe that it will lead to broader participation from the community.

And as you know, to make open source work, it’s all about the community collaborating and building something, together.

We are launching a video series highlighting the maintainers/contributors and community members of Kyverno. Why? As a way to bring awareness and highlight all the goodness from this amazing group of people. It takes a village (I mean community) to make something great!

Our first guest is Chip Zoller. Chip is a maintainer of Kyverno by night and a Lead System Architect, Edge at Dell by morning (am I saying that right?). Oh, Chip is also a blogger → Here is Chip, with Shuting Zhao chatting on why he became a fan of Kyverno! We hope you enjoy this series as much as we did. If you are new to Kyverno, join our community, get involved with the project! You can get more information via Celebrates Kubernetes as One of the Best DevOps Tools (Open Source) in 2021
Introducing The Kyverno Certification
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