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The Problem

Kubernetes is Complex to Secure

Let’s face it, cloud-native environments are complex and a pain when it comes to security. Traditional security approaches based on periodic scanning and reporting are not built for such agile, constantly changing environments—leaving most clusters insecure and exposing a large attack surface. And, “shift-left” security burdens already busy developers. There has to be a better way!


increase in security issues


reported a security incident


misconfigurations are the leading cause

The Solution

Platformize security with policy as code

Nirmata enables platform engineering teams to proactively address security concerns, from code to cloud. With Nirmata, the platform team enables policy-as-code automation to effectively govern security, operations, and best practices across Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud services. Nirmata prevents costly misconfigurations and generates secure defaults in real time to automate security and compliance for workloads, clusters, and container images.

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Continuous Compliance

Continuous compliance is at the core of Nirmata Policy Manager’s benefits. Integrating security policies into DevOps pipelines ensures that applications and infrastructure maintain compliance with the established standards and best practices throughout their lifecycle—resulting in reduced risk of non-compliance issues in production.

Clean Production Environments

Nirmata Policy Manager enforces security best practices and contributes to pristine production settings. By addressing issues early in the software pipeline, we ensure that cloud-native applications and infrastructure are devoid of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and running smoothly.

Enhanced Insights and Compliance

Nirmata Policy Manager offers in-depth reporting and contextual insights, aiding teams in evaluating policy effectiveness. Integration with DevOps tools such as Git, Slack, and Jira promotes continuous compliance and early issue spotting, leading to cleaner production environments.

Streamlined Operations

With features like an extensive library of security policies and the ability to manage policies throughout their lifecycle, the platform ensures consistent deployment and governance. We implement intelligent guardrails and best practices for a more streamlined operational process.

Policy-Driven Security

Nirmata Policy Manager enables platform engineering teams to enforce Kubernetes best practices using policy-as-code. This ensures that cloud-native applications and infrastructure are free from misconfigurations, enhancing security and compliance.

Unified Governance and Compliance Powered by Kyverno

Ensure clean production environments and peace of mind with Nirmata’s proactive approach to policy-driven security and compliance.

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Nirmata Policy Manager

  • Policy-as-Code: We enforce Kubernetes best practices and compliance, securing cloud-native app deployment.
  • Extensive Policy Library: A broad range of security policies and best practices simplify and guide operations.
  • Continuous Compliance Integration: Our integration with DevOps tools promotes ongoing compliance and early issue detection.
Security is a piece of cake with Kyverno. Kyverno helped us to implement proper security for different kinds of client industries, such as medical, telecommunication, and trading. It solves problems like security enforcement, container image verification, distribution of imagePullSecrets, and many more.
— IITS Consulting
We leverage Kyverno to robustly enforce security policies. Additionally, as a Kubernetes swiss-knife, Kyverno fills the gap in our GitOps workflow by allowing us to apply complex configurations and customizations that are beyond the native capabilities of Kubernetes operators.
— Hexagon

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