Eliminate misconfigurations & automate operations

Built by the creators of Kyverno, Nirmata enables you to succeed with Kubernetes, from build to run, using policy-as-code to govern security, operations, and costs across clusters.

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Complete Kubernetes Governance Solution


Establish policies to identify, prevent and eliminate misconfigurations in minutes.


Conquer Kubernetes governance complexity with an intuitive and cloud-agnostic solution.


Eliminate friction between teams, enhance alignment, and boost productivity.

Secure and govern Kubernetes with confidence

With Nirmata Policy Manager, you’ll have the right Kubernetes governance, security and compliance to scale efficiently.

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Confidence in your Kubernetes Management Infrastructure
Boost DevOps Productivity with Kubernetes Governance from Nirmata

Improve Kubernetes security posture

Use Kubernetes-native policies enforced at admission control to eliminate costly misconfigurations and promote best practices.

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  • Intelligent guardrails
  • Enable Multi-cluster Kubernetes policy-as-code
  • Shorten the learning curve and collaborate more effectively between Dev and Ops
  • Get important alerts and notifications, when it matters most

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