We believe that better software will radically improve our society. By dramatically improving software operations & management, Nirmata will help enable the next era of global innovation through managed Kubernetes and container technology solutions.



noun Indo-Aryan

  1. Nirmata means architect in Indo-Aryan Aryan languages. We created Nirmata to help enterprises build better software.

Why we exist

We accelerate global software innovation.

We are driven to…

  • Help the world deliver better software.
  • Bring agility to all enterprises using software
  • Empower software teams to innovate faster


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Jim Bugwadia

Co-founder & CEO

bm ritesh
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Ritesh Patel

Co-founder & VP Product

bm damien
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Damien Toledo

Co-founder & VP Engineering

bm anubhav
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Anubhav Sharma

VP Customer Success

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Nataraj Narayan

Managing Director – India

Board Members

bm jim
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Jim Bugwadia

Board Member

bm saqib
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Saqib Syed

Board Member

bm arun
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Arun Ramamoorthy

Board Observer

Investors and Advisors

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BV Jagadeesh

a bill
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Bill Heil

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Doug Levin

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Radhesh Kanumury

a wayne
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Wayne Green

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Bill Philbin

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Aradhna Chetal

Investor Insights

Andy Duong
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What do we do?

  • Nirmata provides an easy to use, software-as-as-service that deploys, operates, and optimizes cloud-native applications, packaged in containers.
  • Our mission is to fully automate cloud-native application management.

How do we deliver value?

  • By listening to our customers, and exceeding their expectations
  • By working hard to build the best cloud-native application management solution
  • By embracing change and remaining responsive to customer needs