Container Image Signing and Verification

Sign and verify container images and attestations

Software supply chain attacks have sharply increased, and are now impacting a majority of enterprises and organizations. Modern delivery pipelines drive automated releases to production, and hence require production-level security and control of internal and 3rd party software used.

Nirmata makes it easy to ensure software supply chain security by enabling signing and verification of container images and attestations, which are signed verifiable statements on software artifacts and the build system.

With Nirmata you can:

  • Sign container images using keys, certificates, or OIDC-based identities
  • Generate attestations for build artifacts 
  • Block malicious or unauthorized containers
  • Verify vulnerability scan reports via policies
  • Achieve SLSA compliance

Key Benefits

  • Software supply chain security is enforced by powerful in-cluster policies
  • Open standards-based composable toolchain 
  • Integrates with any CI/CD system

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