See for Yourself how Nirmata is Redefining Kubernetes Security and Compliance

Speak with an expert:

60% of platform engineering teams don’t have Kubernetes security and compliance policies.

100% will have to explain why.


Kubernetes adoption is growing rapidly, but security and compliance haven’t kept pace. Don’t put your organization at risk. Speak with an expert and learn how Nirmata can help platform engineering teams prevent security threats in their Kubernetes environments, accelerate time-to-value, and empower developers to focus on the digital innovations that grow their business.

What can Nirmata do for you?

With today’s increasing cloud security threats, simply detecting intrusions is no longer enough – the damage may already be done. That’s why Nirmata doesn’t just detect threats, it prevents them by eliminating Kubernetes security and compliance misconfigurations across Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud services.

policy driven security

Policy-Driven Security

Enforce Kubernetes best practices using policy-as-code to ensure cloud-native applications and infrastructure are free from misconfigurations.


Continuous Compliance

Deploy security policies into DevOps pipelines to ensure that applications and infrastructure maintain compliance throughout their life cycles.

enhanced insights

Enhanced Insights

Integrate DevOps tools such as Git, Slack, and Jira to promote continuous compliance, early issue spotting, and cleaner production environments.