Select the plan that is right for you for Nirmata’s Day 2 Kubernetes management platform

Nirmata is a unified management plane for Kubernetes clusters and workloads built for enterprise DevOps teams.


Ideal for small

  • Cloud Edition (SaaS)
  • Limited to 5 nodes
  • Single Cloud Provider
  • Community Support


Designed for business units or line of business teams

  • Cloud Edition (SaaS)
  • Limited to 50 Nodes
  • Single Public Cloud
  • 24×7 Support Available
  • Monthly Subscription


Built for centralized IT operations across multiple teams

  • Cloud Edition or Private Edition (on-prem)
  • Unlimited Nodes
  • Unlimited Public & Private Clouds
  • 24×7 Enterprise Support
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Technical Account Manager Available
  • Self-service Clusters
  • Policy-driven Automation
  • Multi-cluster Rollouts

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Our plans include comprehensive Kubernetes clusters and workload management features.

Cluster Management

Application Catalog

Workload Compliance

Virtual Clusters

Centralized Identity & Access

Application Management

Frequently asked questions

What is the unit of Enterprise Pricing?

Enterprise pricing is node-based. The total number of nodes across all your clusters managed in Nirmata is used to compute the subscription price.

What are the Enterprise Cloud and Private Editions?

The Nirmata Cloud Edition is a secure and scalable hosted service (SaaS) offering of the Nirmata platform. The Nirmata team operates, upgrades, and maintains the Nirmata platform for customers.

The Nirmata Private Edition is a dedicated offering where the Nirmata platform software is deployed on-premises, in your (the customer’s) data center or cloud. The customer’s operations team is responsible for operating the Nirmata platform software.

Is there a capacity minimum required for each plan?

Yes. The minimum capacity requirement for the Enterprise Cloud Edition subscription is 500 GB managed memory and the minimum capacity for the Enterprise Private Edition is 1 TB managed memory.

What are the available billing options?

Quarterly and annual subscriptions are available for the Enterprise Cloud Edition. Annual and multi-year subscriptions are offered for the Enterprise Private Edition. Annual and multi-year subscriptions qualify for discounts.

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