Celebrates Kubernetes as One of the Best DevOps Tools (Open Source) in 2021 Celebrates Kubernetes as One of the Best DevOps Tools (Open Source) in 2021

While we here at Nirmata are very keen and excited about all the possibilities for the DevSecOps world when it comes to Kubernetes for containerization and microservices, it’s always exciting to hear what others in-the-know think about K8s too.

We came across this recent article from our friends at that discusses their favorite open source DevOps tools for 2021. Along with Docker, Prometheus, Terraform and others, Kubernetes is discussed – and it gets first-place billing! We like how the author, Bill Doerrfeld, frames the value of Kubernetes not just for its capabilities but for its economic value:

“But, throwing loads of money into fancy SaaS solutions can quickly gobble up the cloud budget. These DevOps tools all are open source, and enable everything from container builds and orchestration to microservices networking, configuration management, CI/CD automation, full-stack monitoring and more.”

More impressively, Bill nails one of the core strengths of Kubernetes for DevOps needs – its possibilities for automation in production. As he explains it,

“Kubernetes, adoption of which rose by 48% in 2020, is used to orchestrate containers. Instead of releasing microservices manually, Kubernetes can automate deployment, maintenance and scaling of groups of containers in production.”

Thanks Bill and for seeing the fantastic value of this open source solution, and thanks also for considering it as one of the best DevOps tools in 2021. At Nirmata, we are working hard to make our DevSecOps platform for Kubernetes everything the world needs it to be!

Read the entire article here. Please reach out to Nirmata if you have any specific questions on Kubernetes or DevOps applications for K8s. You may also start a free trial with Nirmata to see what all the buzz is about – sign-up here simply.

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