Introducing The Kyverno Certification

Introducing The Kyverno Certification

Introducing the Kyverno Certification; a great way to test your knowledge on Kyverno and improve your skill in managing security, compliance and operation in the cloud Native Environment.

In October 2021, we launched the Kyverno certification program, and there have been several questions like, what is this about? Who is it for? And why a certification program?.  This article will provide answers to these questions and highlight the quiz questions deemed too tricky and explain them.

About This Certification

The Kyverno certification program is a self-paced professional learning path designed for candidates interested in advancing their knowledge on the fundamentals of Kyverno and policy management. This program aims to provide different certifications for Kubernetes practitioners; that includes developers and administrators. Each certification course contains reading lists for respective topics in the curriculum. It also has resources to aid your study through the certification and quiz questions.  Upon successful completion of the quiz questions, participants will be issued certificates from Kyverno via email. 

Currently, only one certification is available; the “ Kyverno Fundamentals Certification focuses on understanding the Kyverno basics.  This certification covers various topics such as installation, results, security, and policy definitions; to test your knowledge of the fundamentals of  Kyverno.

Break down of concepts certification program covers:

  • Understanding the basics of Kyverno 30%
  • Installation of Kyverno 15%
  • Understanding Policies Definitions 40%
  • Kyverno Sample policies 15%


Why certification program

This certification is for everyone who has an understanding of how Kubernetes clusters and workloads. Kubernetes practitioners and those who handle clusters in the cloud-native environment   Kyverno should understand how to configure the policies that protect their infrastructure and applications.  

The Kyverno Certification and commercial support and services combine the best-in-class policy management training with industry best practices to help practitioners confidently manage the security, compliance and operational benefits that cloud-native environments offer Jim.

The purpose of this certification is to enlighten and test your knowledge of the fundamentals of  Kyverno.  Upon taking this certification, participants are expected to demonstrate a proficient understanding of  Kyverno and its policies.

Questions  Deemed “hard” in this Certification.

The quiz questions are derived from resources most from the resources provided in the reading list. These resources are from both Kubernetes and Kyverno documentations.

These are a few questions from the quiz questions that have been whitelisted as tricky.  

  • Kyverno pod security policies (select all that apply):

 This question talks on Kyverno Sample Policies, you can find out more information about this in the policy documentations.

  • Admission controls are performed in the following order:

This question is focused on Kubernetes admission controllers and information about these can be found in the Kubernetes documentation.

  •  Verifying image signatures with Kyverno requires:

This question is drawn from the Kyverno documentation and is focused on writing policies in Kyverno.

Take the Certification Course

Simply sign up on the Learn Nirmata online curriculum and then select the certification you intend to take. If you do not have prior knowledge of Kyverno, it’s best advised that you take time to go through the reading list. Most of the resources provided in the reading list to put you to speed with Kyverno and help you through the certification.

Once you feel you are prepared for this certification, there is a quiz section that requires you to pass at least 35 points out of 39. When the quiz is complete, you will be issued a badge from Nirmata on credly.

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What Next

Currently there is just the Fundamentals Certification available, but subsequently, we hope to also bring the certification for Kyverno Administrators. 

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