Nirmata Cloud Native Policy Management Solution Delivers Intelligent Guardrails

Nirmata Cloud Native Policy Management Solution Delivers Intelligent Guardrails

Powered by Kyverno, Nirmata’s Solution Unlocks the True Value of DevSecOps for Cloud-Native Environments

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 6, 2021 – Nirmata, the software solutions provider for policy-based security and automation of production Kubernetes workloads and clusters, and creators of Kyverno, the leading policy engine designed for Kubernetes, today announced the availability of Nirmata Cloud Native Policy Management. The solution enables DevSecOps teams to ensure the security, compliance, and operational readiness of their Kubernetes workloads and clusters. By automating the creation, deployment, and lifecycle management of policy-based Intelligent Guardrails, customers can gain insights, alerts, and reports, and enable effective collaboration across development and operations teams. 

With the growth of distributed teams, coupled with the need for developers to build and deploy applications faster in an ever-increasing complex environment, DevSecOps teams are challenged to keep pace with the security required to protect cloud applications. This growing complexity creates exposure to policy violations and breaches across the disparate components in modern cloud applications. To validate configuration and enforce policy-based guardrails at scale, IT teams need Nirmata Cloud-Native Policy Manager to manage application availability, security, and access.

“With the speed and agility of distributed cloud-native applications comes complexity and risk,” said Ritesh Patel, Co-Founder, and VP of Products, Nirmata. “While Kubernetes is extremely powerful, the configuration of these environments can quickly become difficult to manage and scale. In fact, DevOps teams in cloud-native enterprises struggle to identify, fix, and prevent workload and cluster misconfigurations that can create security, compliance, and operational risk. That’s where Nirmata comes in.”

Nirmata Cloud Native Policy Management is designed to facilitate continuous compliance by employing policy-as-code and admission controls best practices.  With this new solution, organizations can:

  • Reduce Attack Surface: With Secure Policy Enforcement, customers can protect and govern Kubernetes workloads and clusters by rapidly identifying and fixing configurations that create risk. 

  • Operationalize DevSecOps Processes: Using Policy Administration, IT teams can collaborate more effectively with automation and integrations that create policy lifecycle alerts, and garner insights with reporting. By deploying and enforcing effective and agile Intelligence Guardrails, organizations can also reduce their risk posture and prevent non-compliant configurations while enabling developers to focus on innovation. 

  • Accelerate and Achieve Cloud-Native  Agility –  IT teams can accelerate cloud native application success by enabling developers deliver releases faster and respond to changes confidently with security and compliance. With Curated and Crowdsourced Policy Sets, developers can be freed from the friction that limits experimentation and lessens productivity.

With over 7 million Kyverno downloads deployed across hundreds of industries, Kyverno is becoming  the leading Kubernetes policy management enforcement point. Now, with the Nirmata Cloud Native Policy Management, DevSecOps teams have a single, comprehensive solution to manage Kubernetes cluster and workload security across multiple clusters at scale. Together, Kyverno and Nirmata Cloud Native Policy Management provide security, operations and compliance guardrails to protect cloud environments.

To get started, register for a free trial of Nirmata Policy Manager here.

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