Nirmata Launches Private Edition of its Cloud Native Application Management Platform

Nirmata Launches Private Edition of its Cloud Native Application Management Platform

Nirmata Private Edition brings Flexible Deployment Models for Enterprise Customers

As development community put its weight behind Kubernetes, enterprise adoption of container technology has hit an inflection point. Kubernetes is one of the fastest maturing open source projects and customers are asking for enterprise grade solutions around to help operationalize Kubernetes and accelerate the adoption of cloud-native technologies . These requirements include – security, scale, multi-cloud extensibility, governance, policy management and integrations with existing toolsets.

Having developed its feature rich platform working closely with production customers since 2014 at the leading edge of the container technology, Nirmata is pleased to announce launch of Nirmata Private Edition, a dedicated instance of its Nirmata platform that customers can deploy in their own private networks  Prior to Nirmata PE, enterprises had to choose between restrictive cloud provider managed offers, or monolith solutions that were not built for cloud-native, multi-cloud, and multi-cluster use cases. Now, enterprise teams can deploy and operate their own multi-tenant cloud-native solution, which is  easy to manage and can scale to enterprise needs. The Nirmata Private Edition is delivered as a set of containerized microservices that are built using cloud-native principles of observability, manageability, elasticity, and scalability.

The key benefits of the Nirmata Private Edition include:

  1. Flexibility – Deploy a Nirmata private edition anywhere, on their own premises or any instance of public cloud.
  2. Security – Customers can host the Nirmata platform locally, ensuring applications and containers are meeting their security policies.
  3. Scale – Ensure they realize full scale of a dedicated instance to meet their scale requirements across existing VM, bare-metal and cloud environments.
  4. Multi-tenancy – Multi-tenancy for different groups within their Enterprise.
  5. Custom Integrations with Enterprise Software tool chains – Customer can integration with their choice of monitoring, security and CI/CD toolsets to securely build and monitor applications and infrastructure.

Nirmata Private Edition provides all the feature richness of Nirmata SaaS platform with benefits such as:

  1. DevOps Agility: Accelerate container adoption, achieve greater deployment frequency and increase feature velocity.
  2. Seamless Application Management: Rapidly model, build and deploy your applications – anywhere!
  3. Adaptive Scaling: Automated application scaling ensures rapid response to business needs.
  4. Increased Flexibility: Move your workloads anywhere in a multi-cloud world. Deploy either the Nirmata SaaS or Private Edition based on your business needs.
  5. Greater Efficiency: Improve resource utilization while reducing operational complexity and costs.
  6. High Availability: Improve your application performance and availability.
  7. No Lock-in: Pure play open-source Kubernetes edition with no curation and easy application porting.

For more information, Please see Nirmata Platform datasheet.

Nirmata Private Edition is already in production with large Enterprise customers and being tested in several POCs. Nirmata is partnering with other disruptors in the cloud-native ecosystem like Diamanti ( to deliver a comprehensive best of breed solution choices to customers. Stay tuned for more on this front.

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