Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Selects Nirmata as a Top Product for Container Management

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Selects Nirmata as a Top Product for Container Management

Nirmata’s Cloud-native Application Platform receives strong recognition for delivering an innovative solution that addresses key customer challenges and accelerates container adoption.

Nirmata is selected as Top Product for container management by EMA.

We are super excited to announce that Nirmata has been selected a Top Product for Container Management by EMA Research.

Based on primary research data obtained from 300 U.S. enterprises, the EMA report presents ten key priorities for successfully leveraging containers in production and at scale, within a DevOps context. These priorities will be the foundation for the EMA Top 3 awards presented to the outstanding vendors in each container management-related software category.

“The study showed that the vast majority of enterprises need significant help to manage Kubernetes in a compliant and secure manner,” says Torsten Volk, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “Nirmata takes on Kubernetes management on premises and in the cloud, so that customers can focus on releasing better software. In addition, Nirmata allows operations teams to ensure compliance and consistent behaviors across Kubernetes clusters as well as traditional bare metal or VM-based application container environments via configurable policies.”

View the full press release on our container management accolades here.

Download the full report here.

Try Nirmata’s container management solutionsfor free at https://try.nirmata.io

Also, check out the video of Jim Bugwadia, CEO of Nirmata, in conversation with Torsten Volk of EMA, below. Please contact us with any questions or to initiate a relationship with Nirmata. We are here for you.

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