Nirmata Policy Manager

Eliminate misconfigurations and enforce Kubernetes best practices using policy-as-code.  Get policy insights, alerts, reports, and team collaboration through integration with DevSecOps processes, tools, and workflows.

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Nirmata Policy Manager

Security, Automation and Governance for Kubernetes powered by Kyverno

Curated Policy Sets

Get started quickly with a library of security policies and best practices built by the founders of Kyverno.


With Nirmata Policy Manager, easily manage Kubernetes policies through their entire lifecycle, ensuring consistent deployment and governance.

Intelligent Guardrails

Deploy Intelligent Guardrails by implementing curated best practices, community crowdsourced or custom-developed policies.

Policy Reports and Alerts

Gain insights on the effectiveness of policy through reporting and contextual correlation and insight engine.

Continuous Compliance

Using Nirmata Policy Manager, protect software supply chains with continuous compliance through policies as a standard part of the DevOps pipeline.

DevSecOps Collaboration

Leverage existing processes and workflows through integrating with tools like Git, Slack, Jira and others.

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With Nirmata’s Platform for Kubernetes Policy Management You Can…

Eliminate Costly Misconfigurations

Eliminate security vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations using a declarative policy-as-code solution, and an extensive collection of policies.

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Promote Agility with Collaboration

Work the way that DevOps teams want to work by leveraging existing processes and workflows through integrations with tools like Git, Slack, Jira, Splunk, ServiceNow, and others.

Achieve Continuous Compliance

Enable continuous verification of your cluster and workload configuration with Nirmata Policy Manager. Ensure adherence to compliance standards such as Pod Security Standards, CIS, NIST 800-53 as well as your custom compliance standards.

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Shift Security Left

Make policy enforcement a standard part of the DevOps pipeline, providing developer (shift left) visibility into policy violations and best-practice recommendations for remediation. Facilitate effective and efficient DevSecOps and achieve cloud-native agility without sacrificing security and governance.


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See how to get everything necessary for an optimized, Kubernetes-native continuous delivery solution, using Nirmata Policy Manager.

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