How can your business go up if your security is down?

Learn how to protect Kubernetes using policy-as-code.

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Myth: Kubernetes is secure by default.

Reality: A recent survey reported that 93% of respondents experienced one or more security incidents in their Kubernetes environments, with one-third saying they lost revenue or customers, and all parties reporting lost time due to incidents.


Kubernetes requires platform engineering teams to manage complex configurations for Kubernetes security and compliance. In this updated guide, you’ll learn how policy-as-code helps teams avoid these headaches and safely accelerates software supply chains.


You’ll learn:

  • Why Kubernetes requires policy management
  • How to apply Kubernetes policies to mitigate software supply chain risks, malicious threat actors, and other security concerns
  • How to leverage policies for operational efficiencies and cost management
  • How to implement policy-as-code with Kyverno by Nirmata
  • Tips to get started fast
  • And much more
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What can Nirmata do for you?

With today’s increasing cloud security threats, simply detecting intrusions is no longer enough – the damage may already be done. That’s why Nirmata doesn’t just detect threats, it prevents them by eliminating security and compliance misconfigurations across Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud services.

policy driven security

Policy-Driven Security

Enforce Kubernetes best practices using policy-as-code to ensure cloud-native applications and infrastructure are free from misconfigurations.

Continuous Compliance

Deploy security policies into DevOps pipelines to ensure that applications and infrastructure maintain compliance throughout their life cycles.

enhanced insights

Enhanced Insights

Integrate DevOps tools such as Git, Slack, and Jira to promote continuous compliance, early issue spotting, and cleaner production environments.

Want to fast-track security and compliance in your Kubernetes environment?

Want to fast-track security and compliance in your Kubernetes environment?