Nirmata Enterprise for Kyverno

Get peace of mind from the team behind Kyverno with an enterprise-grade distribution that provides production support, operators, data adapters, and integrations for secure and scalable policy operations. Save time and costs now! 


Partner Brief

Automation & Governance
for Red Hat OpenShift & Kyverno

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Case Study

Grofers: Secure provisioning of LoadBalancer Services on Kubernetes using Kyverno

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Exploring Kyverno, an extensive, Kubernetes-native policy engine

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Why Kyverno

600 million Kyverno downloads & counting…

Kubernetes configurations are complex, and misconfigurations are the leading cause of Kubernetes incidents. And, by default Kubernetes is insecure and needs careful configuration. Policies address this issue by securing and automating Kubernetes configurations.


Kyverno is a Kubernetes Native Policy Engine created by Nirmata and now a CNCF incubating project with over 600 million image pulls and 3.1K GitHub stars. Kyverno has quickly become the de facto Kubernetes policy engine as it is easy to use and addresses a broad set of use cases for Kubernetes.

Why Nirmata Enterprise for Kyverno

  • A Nirmata maintained downstream distribution of Kyverno for CVEs, critical fixes, and priority requests  

  • Long term support with compatibility testing across Kyverno and Kubernetes releases

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for production support issues to reduce downtime

  • Kyverno operations pack to for lifecycle management, monitoring, and health for Kyverno

  • Tamper detection of policies and Kyverno engine components

  • Kyverno data adapters to enrich policy decisions and for integrations.

  • Curated policy sets for workload security and best practices

  • Training and enablement services.

Kyverno Fundamentals Certification

Key Use Cases

Pod Security

  • Pods are the basic unit of deployment and where containers are run in Kubernetes. Securing pod configurations is critical. Nirmata policies help extend and automate Pod Security Admission.

Workload Security

  • Beyond Pods, all workload configurations in Kubernetes must also be secured. Secure configurations are also necessary across bulti-in resources like Network Policies, and Custom Resources such as Service Mesh configurations.

Best Practices

  • From basics like labeling, to advanced options that impact multi-tenancy and security, configuration best practices are essential to follow across all workloads including custom resource configurations.

Image Verification

  • Ensure software supply chain security by enabling signing and verification of container images and attestations, for compliance with SLSA and other security standards.


  • Securely share Kubernetes clusters across teams and applications to save costs and drive efficiency. Use policies to enforce isolation levels across the control-plane, data-plane, and ensure API fairness. 

Automation & Governance
for Red Hat OpenShift with Kyverno

Kyverno vs OPA/Gatekeeper

Compare the leading CNCF Policy Engines. When it comes to Kubernetes, Kyverno addresses more use cases and makes it easy to write and manage policies with no additional programming language and using standard tools

  • Kyverno

    • Designed as a Kubernetes policy engine 
    • Policies as native resources (YAML)
    • Policy violations and reports using standard constructs
    • Policies for automation workflows
    • Auto-generation for pod controllers
    • Integrated image verification
    • Use GitOps, Kustomize, and other standard tools

  • OPA/Gatekeeper

    • General purpose policy engine
    • Policies in Rego – a custom language with a steep learning curve

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