Enterprise-Wide Kubernetes, Ingress and Load Balancing

Enterprise-Wide Kubernetes, Ingress and Load Balancing

Preparing the Modern Enterprise for Scalability and Agility

As businesses continue their journey to keep up with today’s fast-paced digital world, they are turning to application services to help ease the pain. With application services now built upon technology like containers, businesses are being empowered with the new agility needed to respond to ever-changing customer needs or the ability to capitalize on emerging revenue streams, all by increasing the speed at which an enterprise can provide end-user services. However, designing and running these modern, containerized applications with scalability, portability, and robustness that consumers have grown to expect can be challenging, especially as the system complexity grows.

Modern containerized applications have high availability requirements and must be deployed to multiple clusters to ensure reliability. By using enterprise Kubernetes, you can manage this complexity by automatically configuring the routing information for dynamic pools of pods and by controlling access to various layers of your infrastructure.

In Kubernetes, services can be used to control how traffic gets routed to sets of pods. To effectively use services, you first must determine the intended consumers for each group of pods. If the application needs to be publicly accessible, an Ingress needs to be created. An ingress serves traffic to the pods through a publicly exposed IP address. An ingress is a powerful and flexible way for an enterprise to expose services, without creating a bunch of Load Balancers or exposing each service on the Node which can be potentially expensive and cumbersome. Kubernetes ingress objects can be used to route different types of requests to different services based on a predetermined set of rules.

Join this webinar on February 21 at 10:00 a.m. PT with Komal Bhardwaj, Principal Product Manager at Citrix and Ritesh Patel, co-founder and VP of Products and Marketing, as we discuss how Ingress and Load Balancing works for enterprise Kubernetes. We will also show a demo of how Citrix enables and enhances Kubernetes Ingress capability and show how Nirmata simplifies management of Ingress Controllers as well as the configuration of Ingress Rules. Access this FREE webinar here.

Architecting your modern applications using the patterns Kubernetes excels at, and understanding how certain features can alleviate the challenges associated with highly complex deployments, can help improve your experience running on the platform.

Ready to learn more about the value and capabilities of enterprise-wide Kubernetes? Please download our eBook – The Enterprise Cloud Native Journey – here. Watch our video on Kubernetes’ Enterprise-Wide Power here. And of course, Contact Us for apps containerization-as-a-service solutions for your enterprise needs.

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