Unlocking Innovation: Nirmata at KubeCon EU in Paris

Unlocking Innovation: Nirmata at KubeCon EU in Paris

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We are very excited to announce that team Nirmata is a Silver sponsor of  KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 from March 19-22. Our team is all geared up for this event that promises innovation and collaboration for the future of cloud native technologies.  We are eagerly looking forward to the opportunities to engage in insightful conversations with the cloud-native community and showcase what we are building at Nirmata to address challenges related to cloud-native security and governance. Join us for discussions on emerging trends in cloud-native technologies and how it can power the new world of generative AI.

Meet the Nirmata team in Paris

Here are the folks from Nirmata, who will be at KubeCon EU:

Anusha Hegde: Technical Product Manager at Nirmata. Anusha is enthusiastic about building distributed systems and everything cloud native!

Anushka Mittal: Anushka Mittal, Software Developer at Nirmata. She was an LFX Summer Mentee for CNCF-Kubernetes and contributed a policy report adapter to Falco, the cloud-native runtime security project. She then worked with Nirmata on their open-source project, Kyverno. 

Charles-Edouard Brétéché: Senior Software Engineer at Nirmata. Charles works on Kyverno to build the next level Kubernetes native policy engine. 

Damien Toledo: Co-founder and VP of Engineering at Nirmata. Damien builds global teams and delivers world class products.

Faeka Ansari: Policy writer intern at Nirmata. Faeka is a final year undergraduate pursuing CS, previously worked as an Linux foundation mentee at CNCF Istio, Kubernetes release team member for v1.29 and LWKD (https://lwkd.info/ a weekly newsletter summarizing code activity in the Kubernetes project) repo maintainer.

Jim Bugwadia: Co-founder and CEO of Nirmata. Jim does what it takes, and contributes to the cloud native community as a co-chair of the CNCF Kubernetes Policy Working Group and as a maintainer of Kyverno.

Mariam Fahmy: Software Engineer at Nirmata. Mariam has good knowledge and hands-on experience in docker, Kubernetes, AWS, terraform, ansible, and many DevOps tools.

Randi Belz: Strategic Partner Development Manager at Nirmata. Randi works across the partner and community ecosystem to drive mutual growth and success. Randi is also driving partner marketing and events. 

Ritesh Patel: Co-founder and VP Products at Nirmata. Ritesh loves working with customers and partners to build and deliver category leading products.

Shuting Zhao: Staff Engineer at Nirmata. Shuting works on Kyverno and several other cloud-native projects that help automate the deployment and operation of workloads and Kubernetes clusters.

Attend our sessions and activities

Bookmark these sessions from our team members and our community. For location, check the CNCF schedule. 

Tuesday, March 19 | 2.10pm-2.17pm (Lightning Talk)

Kyverno Top 10: Automate Kubernetes Security with Policy as Code

An exciting lightning talk on #Kyverno, the easiest solution for automating Kubernetes security using native policy-as-code. In this talk, learn about Kyverno’s top 10 features that set it apart as a cloud native policy management tool.

Wednesday, March 20 | 2.30pm-3.05pm

Enabling the Software Supply Chain Ecosystem with Notary Project   

Join this session to learn how the Notary Project is designed to be extensible, enabling other CNCF projects and ecosystem tools to implement solutions for authenticity and integrity across the supply chain. It also enables enterprises to leverage their existing investments while becoming more secure. 

Thursday, March 21 | 11am-11.35am

Faster, Safer, Serverless – Empowering Apache Spark Standalone Cluster on Kubernetes

Explore how to deliver a truly K8s-native Serverless Spark Service on Kubernetes, emphasizing speed, simplicity, with a new K8s operator for standalone cluster creation and job submission. Instead of relying solely on Spark, it also harnesses the elastic and police management power of Kubernetes with K8S metrics server, HPA and Kyverno, simplifying the workflow for Apache Spark itself, infra engineers, and users.

Thursday, March 21 | 2.30pm-3:05pm

Kubernetes Policy Time Machine: Where to Next? 

Join members of the Kubernetes Policy Working Group (WG) for a deep dive into each available flavor of policy, from built-in API resources and admission controls, to the new ValidatingAdmissionPolicies which are customizable using the Common Expressions Language (CEL), and powerful policy as code OSS projects that leverage dynamic admission controls. 

Thursday, March 21 | 4.30pm – 5:05pm 

Securing 900 Kubernetes Clusters Without PSP – Mercedes-Benz’ Journey to ValidatingAdmissionPolicies 

Delve into the journey of Mercedes-Benz of replacing PSPs and explore the reasons why PSS were not viable for their K8s fleet, their learnings on implementing Pod Security using popular tools like Kyverno, and why they landed on VAPs. 

Thursday, March 21 | 5.25pm –  6pm 

Running PCI-DSS Certified Kubernetes Workloads in the Public Cloud 

This talk will start by covering high-level PCI-DSS requirements and discuss how these were addressed using several CNCF and open source projects: * GitOps with ArgoCD * Network policies and visibility with Cilium * In-cluster image scanning and visualization with Trivy and Grafana * Open Policy Agent Gatekeeper or Kyverno for Policy as Code * Cilium Tetragon for runtime security visibility.

Friday March 22 |  11am – 12.30pm 

Contribfest: Kyverno – Let’s Build Together!

This hands-on session equips participants to contribute to Kyverno, the “Swiss army knife” of Kubernetes that elegantly solves critical challenges across security, automation, and compliance. Learn about Kyverno’s architecture, the role of each component, how to set up a development environment, and how to contribute to the project. This hands-on session will be led by Kyverno maintainers and organizers so that both developers as well as non-developers can contribute across the software base, sample policies, and documentation. Join us to shape the future of Kyverno together!

Friday March 22 |  2pm – 2.35pm

How I Met Your Software – an Image’s Sitcom of Consuming and Securing Software in Cloud Native!

The presenters will dissect the techniques of choosing the consumer software by comparing various distributions like Alpine, Wolfi and how a few of them are solving for maintaining the pace with upstream projects. 

Friday March 22  |  4pm – 4.35pm

From Chaos to Control: Cloud Native Governance with Kyverno!

Kyverno started life as a Kubernetes policy engine and has quickly evolved into a set of widely adopted tools for cloud native policy and governance. In the session, Raul, a Kyverno end user and platform lead at DE-CIX, will introduce the project for new users and discuss his organization’s journey with policy as code. Next, Kyverno maintainers Mariam Fahmy and Charles-Edouard will provide key updates and discuss advanced features including new sub-projects like Kyverno JSON and Kyverno Chainsaw, and share the project roadmap. To learn how to automate security concerns, or offer guardrails as part of Kubernetes platform, please join this session!  


If you are attending KubeCon Paris, feel free to drop by and say hello at the Nirmata booth F15 and Kyverno kiosk PP8-A in the CNCF project area. We are always happy to connect with you all as a part of the Kubernetes community, and we look forward to meeting you at the event. 

What’s Next

Please get in touch with us either on LinkedIn or Twitter.

And, if you need to understand where you or your organization is in the Kubernetes policy and governance journey, feel free to reach out to us for a discussion. Our team will be able to suggest the next steps forward. To get your hands dirty on our product, you can sign up for a free trial here.

If you want to see a customized demo or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

You can also Schedule a Meeting!

You can register for the event here.

For more information about Nirmata and our cloud-native solutions, visit us at Nirmata.com.

See you at KubeCon! 

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