Nirmata’s updated AWS Marketplace Listings

Nirmata’s updated AWS Marketplace Listings

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Nirmata, creator and maintainer of CNCF’s Kubernetes native open-source policy engine Kyverno, has launched its products on AWS Marketplace as an AWS partner.

Nirmata’s commercial offerings powered by Kyverno are recommended for Enterprise customers adopting Kubernetes, especially those in the regulated industries.

Nirmata Enterprise for Kyverno: Nirmata Enterprise offers a hardened distribution of Kyverno with enterprise support and additional capabilities such as Kyverno operations pack, enterprise integrations/adaptors, curated policy sets, training & enablement services, etc. Watch this video to easily get started with Nirmata Enterprise for Kyverno. With Nirmata’s standing as an AWS partner, you can now try Nirmata Enterprise for Kyverno on AWS Marketplace.

Nirmata Policy Manager: Provides a single console for multi cloud, multi cluster policy lifecycle management, enabling centralized visibility & governance, in addition to all the Nirmata Enterprise features mentioned above. Additionally, it provides continuous compliance, enterprise workflows for managing policy violations and custom integrations. You can try Nirmata Policy Manager on AWS Marketplace.

For more information on Kyverno by Nirmata, visit this page on our website. You can also follow Nirmata on GitHub, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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