Nirmata launches Kubernetes Policy Manager for Kyverno

Nirmata launches Kubernetes Policy Manager for Kyverno

Nirmata expands its Day 2 Kubernetes offering to provide multi-cluster policy-as-code by launching Nirmata Policy Manager for Kyverno

Nirmata, the Day 2 Kubernetes company, announced the launch of a new product aimed at ensuring configuration security and enabling automation powered by the popular open-source policy engine, Kyverno. Last November, Kyverno was adopted by the CNCF as a sandbox project. Since then, Kyverno has seen unprecedented adoption with over 3 million downloads in less than five months.

With Pod Security Policies being marked for deprecation in Kubernetes 1.21, Kyverno offers convenient Kubernetes policy management and provides a flexible alternative to ensure configuration security and compliance for Kubernetes clusters. Kyverno is being actively adopted by several enterprises using Kubernetes as well as other open-source projects such as Flux2 and OpenESB.

While getting started with Kyverno is easy, operationalizing Kyverno across multiple clusters requires additional automation and integrations for enterprises. Nirmata Policy Manager for Kyverno (PMK) is designed to streamline the adoption of Kyverno across multiple clusters as well as facilitate Policy-as-Code best practices by enabling the deployment of Kyverno policies across fleets of clusters using GitOps workflows.

Nirmata PMK also promotes collaboration between developers and operators by separation of concerns using secure role-based access, and providing visibility into policy violations, and facilitating rapid remediation. Currently, Nirmata PMK is available for early access to select customers with general availability in Q2, 2021.

Interested in early access to Nirmata Policy Manager for Kyverno? Request access below:



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