Enabling Secure and Self-Service Kubernetes Clusters

Enabling Secure and Self-Service Kubernetes Clusters

It’s easy to spin up a public cloud cluster within a few minutes. But, that inadvertently leads to cluster sprawl and lack of proper configuration. You end up with dozens of clusters, each with different configurations making it difficult to track and manage and increasing your maintenance cost. And, in case your clusters are not secured properly, they can leave you vulnerable to crypto-mining, malware, and other attacks.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how Nirmata helps enterprises address this challenge. Nirmata enables self-service Kubernetes cluster provisioning on public and private clouds while giving central operations teams complete visibility and control over how these clusters are configured. In addition to ensuring that the clusters are deployed using validated, consistent configurations, operations teams can also ensure that all the required common services are already deployed on the clusters so that developers can focus on building and deploying their applications. Happy developers and operators!

Sam Silbory, Solution Architect
Ritesh Patel, VP of Product

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