Are Your Kubernetes Clusters Secure?

Are Your Kubernetes Clusters Secure?

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Kubernetes has become the multi-cloud OS for enterprises. Its capabilities, deployability, and usability have all increased since the technology’s introduction, including advanced Kubernetes Containerization-as-a-Service tools. Today, enterprises are realizing the benefits of containerization for both developers and the operations team, including enhanced DevOps agility, efficiency, and better control over resources.

Kubernetes and containerization are also key enablers of what is increasingly considered a business-critical infrastructure decision: decoupling applications from underlying infrastructures by leveraging the cloud. With the right approach, containerization can make even complex application stacks portable across cloud environments. This flexibility is powerful, but it comes with some important decisions to make, including when it comes to security.

Building and securing Kubernetes clusters

If you’re an enterprise architect building a Kubernetes solution for your business, we invite you to join us this October for the second installment of our enterprise Kubernetes webinar series. In this installment security experts, Twistlock will give us a comprehensive look at Kubernetes security from an architectural perspective, including:

  1. So if I have deployed Kubernetes, what are the top 3 to five things I need to do to secure my cluster?
  2. What do I need to consider for securing applications deployed in the Kubernetes cluster?

In addition to this comprehensive architectural discussion, Twistlock will also offer a strategy for comparing and selecting security solutions—this is particularly relevant to the Cloud-native space, which features several security offerings.

Don’t be paralyzed by decisions!

While there are a plethora of alternatives to choose from when considering Kubernetes security, both in architecture and security services, companies building Kubernetes solutions can ease the difficulty of decision-making by having a broader strategy. This is exactly what our webinar series hopes to help you build.

Watch the webinar

Watch the security-focused episode of our webinar series at:

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