Kubernetes Deployment on vSphere using Nirmata

Kubernetes Deployment on vSphere using Nirmata

You can deploy Kubernetes v1.9.4+ on vSphere using Nirmata. This short video walks you through the steps to successfully deploy the cluster.

The steps are:

  1. Create a vSphere cloud provider. In case you are using Nirmata SaaS, you will need to deploy a Private Cloud Agent to be able to access your vSphere from Nirmata.
  2. Create a Host Group. Prior to creating a host group, ensure that a Resource Pool is available on vSphere and a VM template which includes docker and the Nirmata agent is created. See Nirmata documentation for more details.
  3. Deploy the Kubernetes Cluster. Create and use the vSphere policy to ensure that the cluster is deployed using the vSphere cloud provider. For details on setting up vSphere to work with Kubernetes, follow the vSphere documentation.

That’s it! Within a few minutes your cluster will be deployed and ready for your applications.


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