Nirmata is now an AWS Technology Partner!

Nirmata is now an AWS Technology Partner!


We are extremely excited to announce that Nirmata is now an AWS Partner Network (APN)  Technology Partner! AWS has an extensive program for technology partners and we are excited about the visibility, training and other benefits that AWS partners get. Over the last couple years, our team has worked with several customers in their cloud adoption journey and we are thankful to our customers for helping us improve and achieve the next level in APN, which requires multiple customers on AWS. Now, as an APN Technology partner, we are better equipped than before to continuously innovate and delight our customers.

Enterprises large and small are increasingly adopting cloud and container technology to enable business agility and deliver application faster. At Nirmata, we are relentlessly focussed on providing a simple, secure and highly available cloud service that fully automates delivery and management of applications. By providing an integrated and fully managed cloud service, we eliminate any undifferentiated heavy lifting by our customers to operate and scale the infrastructure required to deliver their applications. There is no software to install and manage and no infrastructure to scale. Just develop, deploy, operate and optimize your own applications!

Nirmata integrates with public and private cloud providers to automate infrastructure provisioning. Unlike other application management platforms, Nirmata does not abstract infrastructure-as-a-service but seamlessly integrates with its various capabilities providing users with maximum flexibility and control. AWS is arguably the leading public cloud right now and not surprisingly Nirmata has the most extensive integration with various AWS services. Here is a summary of how Nirmata integrates with AWS:

Access Controls: Nirmata uses an IAM role to access resources in customers AWS account. This approach is more secure than using the AWS access key ID and secret access key as you can granularly control the level of access provided to Nirmata and easily revoke access when needed without disrupting other resources/users in the account. See more details here.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): To use Nirmata, a small agent needs to be installed on each container host. The agent does not require any ports to be opened on the host and only connects out bound using secure http. As a result, the agent can be deployed on AWS instances within a VPC without requiring any changes to the VPC configuration.

Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2): Nirmata uses AWS EC2 APIs to provision instances. There are several ways to provision instances in EC2. Nirmata integrates with several different EC2 capabilities providing several different ways to deploy cloud instances:

  • AMI: You can create and AMI with docker engine and Nirmata agent installed and then use the AMI to provision instances in Nirmata.
  • Auto Scaling Groups: You can create an auto scaling group in AWS and use the auto scaling group in Nirmata. Nirmata automatically discovers the instances that are provisioned and deploys containers on them. In case an instance goes away, Nirmata can redeploy the containers on other available instances. This approach is useful for stateless services or gateway servers e.g. nginx etc.
  • Launch Configurations: You can create launch configuration in AWS and use it in Nirmata to provision instances. This approach provides full control over the configuration of the instances while allowing Nirmata to provision and deprovision the instances. Nirmata can intelligently size the cloud instances based on the resources required by the containers.
  • Spot Fleet Requests: You can use AWS Spot Fleet Requests with Nirmata to take advantage of discounted spot instance pricing. Nirmata automatically discovers the instances that are provisioned and deploys containers on them. In case the spot instance is taken away, Nirmata can move the containers on that instance as soon as it detects the termination request minimizing any disruption in service.

You can find more details on how to use different EC2 options with Nirmata here.

EC2 Container Registry (ECR): We recently added support for AWS EC2 Container Registry so that you can not only securely deploy your applications on AWS but also on other public or private clouds without having to roll out our own image registry. If you are already and AWS customer, this option is the easier and most secure. You can find more details on our integration here.

That’s not all. We continue to work with our customers to add more integrations to simplify application delivery and management.

Here is the link to our page in the APN Partner Directory.

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