Using Amazon ECR with Nirmata to deploy containerized applications on any cloud

Using Amazon ECR with Nirmata to deploy containerized applications on any cloud

Immutable images are a key benefit of containerizing applications, and a building block for container-native delivery pipelines. An image registry is required to deploy containerized applications. Several options have emerged for an enterprise grade image registry. Users now have a choice to use a public image registry such as Docker Hub or a private image registry such as Docker Trusted Registry or JFrog Artifactory. Additionally public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud now offer their own image registry services, which are well integrated with their security roles and privileges.

At Nirmata, we believe in offering our users flexibility when it comes to various components of their toolchain. Our users can already select the most suitable cloud provider for their applications. Now, we are providing the same choice for image registry services! In this post, I will describe how Nirmata provides support for Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR):

Here are the steps to use Amazon ECR in Nirmata:

  1. Setup AWS Cloud Provider or use an existing AWS Cloud Provider. When setting up the cloud provider, ensure that AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryFullAccess is selected.AWS ECR Setup
  2. On the Image Registries panel, add a new image registry. Specify the registry location (URL) from Amazon ECR registry page and select the cloud provider created in step 1.Add Registry
  3. Finish the wizard to access the images stored in Amazon ECR

That’s it! Once you have the registry created, you can use the images from this registry in your application blueprint. You can not only securely deploy your applications on AWS but also other public or private clouds. For more details on the setup, please refer to our documentation.

If you are creating continuous delivery pipelines using Nirmata, you can also promote your images and automatically deploy them to your environments.

We would love to hear more about how you are using Amazon ECR and how we can further simplify deployment and management of your cloud applications.

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