Nirmata: Manage Complex Applications at Scale

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I am Jim Bugwadia, Founder and CEO at Nirmata.

Nirmata’s mission is to accelerate global software innovation. Today every business is a digital business and businesses that deliver faster, win.

Ritesh, Damian and I started Nirmata in 2013 we saw that enterprises were adopting cloud computing, but struggling with managing their applications at scale across one or more clouds. Our background is in the centralized management of complex systems. In the past, we have built network management systems that make it really easy and efficient to manage complex devices in telephony wired and wireless domains. Cloud applications mimic these complex devices in many ways, the are hyper-distributed, highly dynamic and can scale up and down based on several triggers. Nirmata addresses these pain points for enterprises by delivering a converged cloud application management platform. At Nirmata, we focus on the deployment operation and management of cloud applications. Nirmata leverages several major trends in the industry such as containers and orchestrations platforms like Kubernetes. We believe that containers are the best way to package enterprise applications and that Kubernetes is the best way to deploy and operate these applications.  

By adopting Nirmata, enterprises get agility, portability, and efficiencies as Nirmata builds on these major trends in the industry and provides a single pane of glass to manage cloud applications in an efficient manner.

For Developers, Nirmata makes it easy to package and deploy applications, and rapidly experiment with their code changes and test these in various environments.

Operators now get a standard unit of managing and getting visibility, health, and metrics into their application all through a single pane of glass. Nirmata provides tremendous value to enterprises as they are adopting cloud computing.

You can try Nirmata for yourself today by going to and trying out our SaaS interface. If you choose to deploy Nirmata within your enterprise we also offer an on-premise version which is easy to download, install and run.