Containers: The Key to Going Cloud-Native

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I am Ritesh Patel and I am Co-Founder and VP of Products at Nirmata.

As customers adopt cloud-native technologies, they are faced with several challenges. Not only technical challenges but also operational, as well as process and skill-set. Our goal at Nirmata is to simplify their journey towards becoming more cloud-native. We do that by proving a turnkey solution that helps them accelerate their adoption of containers.

Our solution helps customers deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters, and also import existing clusters into Nirmata. In addition to Kubernetes management, our real value is in application management. For application management, Nirmata provides governance, visibility, and incident management.

We currently have two offerings: a SaaS offering as well as an on-premise solution for large customers.

At Nirmata our goal is to eliminate any undifferentiated heavy-lifting for our customers so that they can focus on providing business value.