Progressive Delivery Using GitOps on Kubernetes

Automate the delivery of your applications using GitOps for Kubernetes. Enable progressive delivery for multi-cluster deployments.


Automate deployment of applications on your clusters using GitOps Kubernetes

Nirmata is designed to promote the progressive delivery of applications. Whether you want to deploy an application to a single cluster and a fleet of clusters, you can configure Nirmata to watch upstream Git repositories and trigger application deployment when changes are committed. You can configure different release channels to deploy different versions of your application to different clusters. Nirmata also supports per cluster customizations using Kustomize in case different application configurations are required different clusters.

With Nirmata you can:

  • Promote continuous delivery using GitOps for Kubernetes
  • Enable per cluster customizations
  • Provide visibility and operational metrics to drive application SLAs

Key Benefits

Nirmata allows enterprises to fully leverage Kubernetes as a universal platform, without the complexity of a traditional Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. Nirmata is designed for multi-cluster and multi-cloud management of Kubernetes. With Nirmata’s platform,  teams can choose the best cloud providers and infrastructure components to meet their business, and evolve in the future with ease.

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