Securely share clusters across applications and teams. Improve efficiencies by sharing cluster resources.


Securely share clusters with Namespace-as-a-service

Nirmata supports secure sharing of clusters using namespaces and automating the creation of network policies, resource quotas, role and role bindings, and security policies necessary for secure segmentation and isolation in a multi-tenant environment.

With Nirmata you can:

  • Securely deliver Kubernetes namespace on-demand.
  • Ensure “separation of concerns” so that Ops can set necessary guardrails and Dev can have a Kubernetes-native experience
  • Improve cluster resource utilization.

Key Benefits

Nirmata allows enterprises to fully leverage Kubernetes as a universal platform, without the complexity of a traditional Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. Nirmata is designed for multi-cluster and multi-cloud management of Kubernetes. With the Nirmata Kubernetes platform, teams can choose the best cloud providers and infrastructure components to meet their business, and evolve in the future with ease.

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