Continuous Compliance

Enable continuous verification of your cluster and workload configuration. Ensure adherence to compliance standards such as Pod Security Standards, CIS, NIST 800-53 etc.

Ensure that your clusters and workloads meet regulatory compliance standards

As the adoption of Kubernetes grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to ensure that enterprise compliance requirements are met. Nirmata has built-in support for regulatory compliance standards such as CIS, NIST 800-53 etc. enabling you to continuosly monitor the compliance and security posture of your clusters and workloads. In case any violations are detected, the cluster or application owners can be automatically notified. You can generate compliance reports on-demand to share with your teams.

With Nirmata you can:

  • Meet regulatory compliance standards (CIS, NIST 800-53, Pod Security etc.)
  • Quickly detect which cluster or applications are violating compliance controls
  • Use customizable policies to enforce compliance requirements

Key Benefits

Nirmata enables enterprise SecOps teams to continuously monitor their cluster and workloads to detect clusters or applications that are violating compliance controls. Nirmata’s built-in collaboration capabilities facilitate rapid resolution of any issues that are reported. You can now view and report the compliance and security posture of your Kubernetes infrastructure in real time without having to trigger periodic tasks.

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