At Nirmata we focus on the deployment, operation and management of cloud applications.

Enterprises are adopting cloud computing at a rapid pace, leveraging containers and orchestration platforms like Kubernetes. Enterprises are also struggling with managing their applications at scale across one or more clouds.

Containers are the best way to package enterprise applications and Kubernetes has become the preferred way to orchestrate those containers. As enterprise software needs grow more complex, managing Kubernetes clusters for all your applications and lines of business across multiple clouds can become a significant challenge. Cloud applications are hyper-distributed, highly dynamic and can scale up and down based on several triggers.

Nirmata is designed specifically to address the needs of complex enterprise environments. Through a converged cloud application management platform, you can easily deploy Kubernetes on cloud instances, VMs or bare-metal servers.

By adopting Nirmata, enterprises get agility, portability and efficiencies as Nirmata builds on containers and Kubernetes to provide a single pain of glass to manage cloud applications in an efficient manner.

For developers Nirmata makes it easy to package and deploy applications and rapidly experiment with code changes and test these in various environments. Operators get a standard unit of managing and getting visibility, health and metrics into their application all through a single pane of glass.

Learn more how Nirmata can help your enterprise navigate the challenges of complex cloud applications.