Policy-driven Security & Compliance for Amazon EKS

Nirmata’s governance platform, powered by leading open source policy engine Kyverno,  delivers security, automation, governance and compliance to Amazon EKS, EKS-D and EKS Anywhere users.

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Why Nirmata for AWS?

Kubernetes Native

Policy-based Intelligent Guardrails

Rapidly deploy Intelligent Guardrails by implementing curated best practices, and community crowdsourced or custom-developed policies.

No Language Required


Easily manage policies through their entire lifecycle, ensuring consistent deployment and governance.

Automate Pod Security 

Policy Reporting and Alerts

Gain insights on the effectiveness of policy through reporting and contextual correlation and insight engine.

Extensive Policy

Continuous Compliance

Ensure continuous compliance through policies as a standard part of the DevOps pipeline.

Kyverno CLI


Leverage existing processes and workflows by integrating with tools like Git, Slack, Jira, and others.

Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

Kyverno can validate both container image signatures and any attestation statement without requiring complex bolt-on approaches - giving you immediate security in your supply chain delivery pipelines.

Strong Adoption Community

Strong Adoption & Community

Over 2 billion downloads, Kyverno is the most-preferred Kubernetes policy engine on GitHub.

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Leading Enterprises Trust Kyverno for Governance & Security

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