Nirmata’s mission is to enable enterprises to innovate faster, by transforming how software is deployed and operated.

Nirmata means architect in Indo-Aryan languages. We created Nirmata to help enterprises build better software.

As businesses adopt cloud, they are realizing that traditional software development, operations, and delivery methodologies are no longer relevant. Enterprises are adopting DevOps to achieve greater agility and scale.

Microservices style architecture has become the best-practice architecture for cloud-native applications, and containers are becoming the best way to package and deploy microservices on cloud infrastructure. However, deploying and operating such distributed applications running in containers continues to remain challenging and requires significant automation.

At Nirmata, our goal is to enable enterprise DevOps teams to unleash the potential of containers and microservices by providing an easy to use, comprehensive solution for deploying and operating applications across public and private clouds.