Using nctl to enforce security in CI/CD pipelines

Using nctl to enforce security in CI/CD pipelines

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In today’s age of advanced technology platforms, organizations must proactively prioritize security concerns across all teams and platforms. Nirmata offers an efficient solution that allows platform engineering teams to do just that. Nirmata helps organizations stay proactive and ahead of potential security threats.

One of Nirmata’s distinctive features is its policy-as-code automation. This feature enables platform teams to govern security, operations, and best practices seamlessly across Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud services. By automating policies, platform teams can eliminate the risk of human error and ensure that best practices are followed consistently across all teams.

Overall, Nirmata is invaluable for organizations seeking to enhance their platform engineering capabilities and stay ahead of potential security threats. By empowering platform teams to take a proactive approach and automate policies, Nirmata helps organizations operate more efficiently, reduce risk, and deliver better results.


CLI tools are essential for platform engineers and DevOps professionals, offering automation, efficiency, and versatility in managing infrastructure, deployment pipelines, and collaborative workflows. Their ability to perform tasks programmatically aligns seamlessly with the goals of DevOps practices.


Introducing NCTL: Nirmata’s Command Line Tool

NCTL (Nirmata Command Line Tool) is a comprehensive solution for managing the entire cluster governance lifecycle through a user-friendly Command Line Interface. NCTL empowers users with commands for onboarding and deboarding clusters, scanning clusters with best practices policies, and auto-remediating resources for policy violations! The tool offers a range of commands for various purposes:


NCTL makes handling Kubernetes cluster governance a breeze—it’s an all-in-one solution that boosts efficiency and saves time. Plus, it plays well with CI/CD pipelines and can be used programmatically, making cluster management smooth and seamless.


How to Get NCTL: Download Now!

NCTL is free to use and explore! It can be easily obtained from this link. Empower your platform engineering and DevOps journey with Nirmata’s powerful CLI tool, simplifying cluster governance and enhancing security best practices.

Stay tuned for more blog posts in this series. We will explore nctl and see more hands-on examples as we go ahead.

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