Kyverno 2021: The Year In Review

Kyverno 2021: The Year In Review

2021 is a wrap! What an unusual but productive year it has been for all of us at Nirmata, and for the Kyverno community.  So much to mention, but worth the time to reflect and appreciate all that the community has achieved this year with Kyverno.

Project Velocity 

Nirmata’s Kubernetes Native Policy Engine, Kyverno joined the CNCF as a sandbox project in November 2020. In just 6 months after joining the CNCF, the project accelerated to over 10 million downloads as it is gradually becoming recognized as the ideal tool for policy configuration and management for cloud native enterprises. 

In 2021, we had 3 minor releases and 10 patch releases! In the latest release, Kyverno 1.5.0, the focus was to provide a better experience when writing Kyverno policies and allowing DevOps to tackle more complex use cases while minimizing their learning curve – powerful but simple!


Another huge milestone, we’ve reached 100 sample policies. We have categorized them for you based on use cases and the type of policies. We hope this will make it easier for you to start securing and automating policies across your Kubernetes workloads and clusters! Huge shout out to Chip Zoller and the community for making this happen!


Community engagement, on a nice upward trajectory!

Our mission for Kyverno is really to make Kubernetes security accessible for all. How should we measure the impact of Kyverno? Here are some stats on how we are measuring engagement! 

  • Stargazers: 310% annual growth from 611 to 1890
  • Issue Creators: 505% annual growth from 52 to 263
  • Code Committers: 477% annual growth from 22 to 105
  • Code Commenters: 485% annual growth from 28 to 136

Note: These metrics and reports were obtained from DevStats, a tool which the CNCF team built in collaboration with Kubernetes and other CNCF projects.




Making Kyverno more accessible from, for and by the community! 

One for all and all for one! If you are new to Kyverno, there are a plethora of complex use cases being addressed by the powerful policy management capabilities.

Below is a list of blog posts to help get you started. If you still have questions, you can also join us on Kyverno Slack channel. 


Are you Kyverno certified? 

We launched the certification program for Kyverno during KubeCon North America this year. The certification is a self-paced professional learning path designed for DevOps or anyone for that matter, interested in advancing their knowledge on the fundamentals of Kyverno and policy management. This program aims to provide different certifications for Kubernetes practitioners; that includes developers and administrators. Since October, we have had over 300 people registered for the certification. 


Support, services, and training for Kyverno  

Kyverno now has provisions for companies that offer commercial products and services for Kyverno. This means organizations and projects that support Kyverno can apply to be listed along with the use cases. As the creator of Kyverno, our goal is to support Enterprises scale their Kyverno deployment through support, training and services and we’re glad to see others services out there doing the same. 


Community leadership and recognition

We developed leadership pathways for contributors and maintainers, to define the role of every contributor to the Kyverno project.  We also developed a badging system to appreciate maintainers and contributors for their commitments towards the Kyverno project.. More context on the project governance can be found here.



Kyverno spotlight series

To highlight and recognize the efforts of the community, we started a spotlight series for kyverno contributors and maintainers. Every few weeks, a Kyverno contributor is recognized and interviewed to share their experience as members of the Kyverno community.
Trey – A Kyverno Maintainer


What’s next for Kyverno? 

The Kyverno Adopters Program is designed to help us identify the users of Kyverno and learn their experiences using Kyverno in production. As a sandbox project under the CNCF, there are specific requirements that a project is expected to meet before it is fit to graduate to Incubator. One of the criteria to qualify for this level is to identify at least three production end-users.  The growing list of Kyverno adopters  of adopters that can be found in the file. (to join the adopter’s club – simply fill in this simple form and we will do the rest for you!)

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our growing and passionate community. We hope this year end summary provides a useful portrait of key milestones that occurred within the Kyverno community in 2021. We have several new features planned, which we will be announcing soon! Thank you for being part of our community, and best wishes for 2022!

Kyverno Highlight: Meet Frank Jogeleit, Kyverno Maintainer!
Kyverno Highlight: Meet Trey Dockendorf, Kyverno Maintainer!
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