Automate application deployment using cloud-native technologies

Automate application deployment using cloud-native technologies

Learn about application orchestration and Automated Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes deployment in this Nirmata webinar.

Jenkins became popular around a decade ago at the start of the DevOps movement to help with continuous integration (CI), which focused on the automating the initial phases of the development pipeline. Jenkins made it easy for developers and QA, and enabled configuration management tools to be simplified for Ops teams. However, these CI tools were built during the era of VMs and were not capable of scaling and operating at container speed. With the introduction of containers, these configuration management systems would be stretched to their limits. Then along came Kubernetes, which became superior to configuration management tools because of how container-centric it was. Rather than configuring individual instances, Kubernetes grouped multiple containers in groups of pods and managed these pods at a higher level of abstraction than configuration management tools.

Now, with these combinations of tools in place, it’s the right time to ask the question about how to best manage deployments. Deployments are where the rubber hits the road, and that’s where Nirmata comes in. Nirmata focuses on application orchestration and management; it advances how complex applications are developed and maintained in the cloud. This webinar is designed to help you fully automate the application lifecycle by maturing your container-aware deployment pipeline using the Nirmata Platformfor Kubernetes deployments.

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Webinar: Automated Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes [Register to Attend]

Thursday, January 24, 2019

11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET)


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