Checklist for Selecting an Enterprise-Grade Container Management Solution

Checklist for Selecting an Enterprise-Grade Container Management Solution

Container management checklist-download for enterprise-grade containerization - from Nirmata.

Managing application containers is poised to become the most important enterprise business practice. The trend towards microservices-based containerized applications, is set to replace Virtual Machine-based workloads over the next decade.

Given all the tools for infrastructure management and application management and the IT processes wrapped around VM management, there is little dispute that, depending on the size of the enterprise, day-to-day management of thousands—and in many cases, tens of thousands—of individual mission-critical application microservices will soon contribute significantly to the successful operation of modern businesses. The era of Container Management has arrived.

So exactly what should you look for when selecting a container management solution?

This buyer’s guide discusses the requirements for container lifecycle and microservices management in enterprise environments. It also offers a comprehensive list and descriptions of capabilities to assist anyone who is evaluating this container platform technology. The checklist is useful for application owners interested in efficiently gathering information about the container lifecycle management products.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Evolution of Application Management
  3. Cloud-native Application Lifecycle Management
  4. Selection Checklist

Download this guide for an exhaustive list of questions to ask when choosing a container management solution.

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