Whitepaper: Optimizing Continuous Delivery of Software using Containers

Whitepaper: Optimizing Continuous Delivery of Software using Containers


In the past, implementing a continuous delivery (CD) workflow was a mark of innovation and efficiency for businesses – The DevOps revolution had been embraced, and digital transformation was at the forefront.

But times have changed. Continuous delivery is no longer cutting-edge. It’s a must have for businesses seeking to stay competitive by keeping applications up-to-date, and quickly delivering enhancements to users. How can companies stay ahead of the pack in an age when continuous delivery is the norm, not the exception? The answer is to optimize your continuous delivery pipeline by making it as efficient as possible. That’s because not all continuous delivery chains are created equal. Businesses that streamline CD pipelines using open technologies like containers (which help DevOps teams to double-down on the efficiencies introduced by a CD workflow) are the businesses that will remain most competitive.

This whitepaper explains how and why to optimize your CD pipeline using containers, on-demand provisioning, open standards, and other next-generation approaches to software delivery. Topics covered in this whitepaper are:

  • Why Your Business Needs Continuous Delivery
  • What Not to Do: Continuous Delivery Antipatterns
  • Optimizing Your CD Pipeline with Container Technology

So are you ready to adopt continuous delivery of applications with containers?

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