Nirmata is a “Vendor to Watch” according to EMA

Nirmata is a “Vendor to Watch” according to EMA

Containers and microservices are changing how applications are developed, deployed and managed. This technological shift is impacting companies of all sizes as they seek business agility by adopting cloud and delivering cloud native applications. Generational shifts such as this one are transformational, but also create new challenges and require purpose built solutions.

At Nirmata, we have built a container-native application delivery and management solution with integrated microservices tooling! What’s exciting to us, is seeing how Nirmata helps software teams accelerate their journey, whether they are delivering IT applications or building IoT solutions. Containers and microservices are forcing DevOps best practices to be redefined and our lightweight, container-native, cloud provider agnostic platform eases the transition by lowering the learning curve and eliminating cloud provider lock-in.

While our true measure of success is watching our customers deliver innovative solutions, it’s also nice to gather industry accolades. After being named a “Cool Vendor” for Web-Scale platforms by Gartner last year, I am happy to announce that Enterprise Management Associates has selected Nirmata as a “Vendor to Watch”. EMA Vendors to Watch are companies that deliver unique customer value by solving problems that had previously gone unaddressed or provide value in innovative ways.

“Nirmata’s unique cloud-services based architecture makes it easy for enterprises to operationalize application containers on any public or private cloud.” said Dan Twing, President and COO at Enterprise Management Associates. “For enterprise container adoption to become mainstream, there is an acute need for container-native application management solutions. Nirmata addresses this, without the costs and hassle of installing and operating complex scheduling, orchestration, and management tools. Nirmata empowers enterprises to easily deliver and manage containerized applications by lowering the learning curve for DevOps teams and eliminating cloud provider lock-in.”

Click here for a complimentary copy of the full report, and check out our full press release on the news.

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