Nirmata private cloud support, private docker registry support and more..

Nirmata private cloud support, private docker registry support and more..

We are super excited to share some recent product updates. Since our beta launch, the usage and feedback has been terrific! Over the last few weeks, we have been busy adding new capabilities to Nirmata as well as addressing issues reported by our users. Here they are:

Private Image Registry

Customers can now securely connect to a Docker Registry in their data center from Nirmata. This requires the Nirmata private cloud agent to be deployed. The private cloud agent creates a secure tunnel with Nirmata to enable management of your docker images.

Private Cloud Management

Customers can also use the Nirmata private cloud agent to securely connect to vSphere, or Openstack, in their data center. Nirmata already supports vSphere and OpenStack cloud providers for quick provisioning of cloud resources. This enables true hybrid application deployments.

Docker 1.5 Support

Docker 1.5 was released recently with some new capabilities and stability improvements. Nirmata host agent has been tested to work with Docker 1.5.

Improved Host Security

Some of our early users had requested that Nirmata agent uses unix socket to communicate with docker. We have added that capability. The Nirmata host agent no longer requires the tcp port. This also simplifies the installation of Nirmata agent.

Google OAuth support

Now users can signup and login to Nirmata using their Google account.

Additional bug fixes & enhancements

We have been continuously rolling out smaller enhancements and bug fixes based on user feedback.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and support. Keep us posted on any issues you come across or any enhancements you would like to see!


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