The Nirmata Story

The Nirmata Story

Nirmata means architect or maker in Hindi.  We created Nirmata to transform software development & operations, and make better software.

Software development is hard. As developers and architects, we have to make countless decisions each day, most of which will have a deep, far-reaching impact on our business. We often have little first-hand knowledge of how our products will actually be used, and are asked to base our assumptions on educated and well-intended guesses, otherwise known as product requirements. This has resulted in software that is bloated and complex, and where most features are never used. server hosting ip . To solve this, many businesses have attempted to adopt agile development techniques. However, most of them are still producing 1-2 major releases a year!

We believe there is a better way to develop software. We believe that small, autonomous DevOps teams that receive direct user feedback can outperform large hierarchical teams with layers of product management.

This revolution in software development was not truly possible ever before in the history of computing. However, with the advent of cloud computing (where IT resources and software can be delivered as a service), mobile technologies that have proven the power of simpler apps over complex applications, and the quickening pace of software-defined everything, we are at a unique point in the history of software development where this transformation is not only possible, it is necessary.


In the last two decades, software has transformed several industries and has generally made life simpler and better. It’s time we apply some of those same revolutionary changes to software development and operations! Join us as we embark on our journey to make better software.


Jim, Damien, and Ritesh

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