Realizing Kubernetes’ Enterprise-Wide Power With Nirmata

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Anubhav: “I’m Anubhav Sharma, and I Iead business development and sales at Nirmata.”

What do customers love about Nirmata?

Anubhav: “What customers love about Nirmata is that it’s not solving a technology problem, but truly thinking through what the business challenges are in delivering the outcome around agility and efficiency that customers expect out of adopting technology like Kubernetes. I think the promise is there, but how do you truly enable that?

For any customer, it’s a five to seven step process, and what we provide is foundational building blocks around how you manage infrastructure—container infrastructure—and how you manage business applications on top of that infrastructure; and doing that in a way that takes care of the needs of different organizations in an enterprise that comes toward supporting a solution like this.

What are the needs of IT Operations? It could be governance, it could be policy management. What are the needs of developers? They don’t care about infrastructure. They just want to focus on building applications, and move on.

So, how do IT operations provide that environment to them? DevOps. DevOps are there to change how we build applications and how we bring them to production. How do you enable that? How do you enable that DevOps transformation within an enterprise? The Nirmata platform has been built keeping in mind needs of each of these roles within an organization and ensuring that we are enabling them to deliver that efficiently so you deliver the right outcome for the enterprise.”

How does Nirmata go above and beyond?

Anubhav: “I recall a conversation, a thirty-minute call with a customer, where the customer asked for certain features and fixes they want to see in the platform. Before the thirty-minute call was over, we had our developers fix, make those features, patch it to our SaaS platform and showcase it to them. The customer could only say ‘wow.’ That’s the kind of experience that we want to convey, that they can deliver for their customers, by adopting a technology like Kubernetes.

What are three key takeaways about Nirmata?

Anubhav: “The three key takeaways for our customers have been a platform that is really focused on delivering a business outcome… Customers have put their trust in us, knowing this is a platform that can run mission-critical applications for them, and we’ve been doing that for multiple years now. These changes are about not just technology, but an organizational process, and cultural changes. The partnership that we have with our customers in helping them through each of these changes that they have to go through to adopt these technologies and deliver the outcomes that customers want from taking on technologies like this.