Nirmata+Diamanti: The Seamless Hybrid Environment

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I’m Sean Roth, Director of Product Marketing for Diamanti.

Diamant is a bare-metal container platform the company was founded on the thesis that legacy infrastructure just isn’t built for containerized applications.

Diamanti and Nirmata have built a great partnership and our technology integration allows customers who are running Diamanti on-premise and have Kubernetes clusters deployed on our platform to bridge that platform with their public cloud container environments also in Kubernetes, so this gives them a single-pane of glass management capability for their entire container environment.

Fundamentally, Nirmata helps enterprise organizations build, deploy, model, and operate their applications in container environments.

Customers ultimately have flexibility in how they deploy their applications, be it in an on-premise container environment, or in the public cloud.

Diamanti and Nirmata first partnered together as an engagement with a mutual customer and this is a fortune 500 customer who’s really getting deep into container adoption and building out environments not only on-premise, but also needed to figure out what they can do with the container environments that were running in the cloud and Diamanti and Nirmata together really gave them that flexibility of choice.

As a result of our joint solution, our fortune 500 customer now has the flexibility to deploy and scale their applications either on the Diamanti bare metal container stack that they are running on-premise, but also to scale those applications into the public cloud or even deploy new applications in the public cloud or premise and that’s all done through Nirmata’s console.

It’s been great partnering with Nirmata and both of us look forward to bringing our joint solution to new customers in the future.