Get Kubernetes and Container Expertise From Nirmata

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Hi, I am Daniel Wade, I am the VP of Engineering for ProSoft Technology.

ProSoft Connect is a cloud-native, secure, remote access, solution that helps our customers reach their end devices around the world.

ProSoft Connect provides a simple, easy, and very secure solution to help them connect to their devices from those remote locations.

For ProSoft Connect, it was super important to us that we had agility so that we could deploy and use our system around the world because our customers are around the world, and their devices are deployed around the world. We needed a solution that allows us to scale, to have a flexibility to be deployed wherever we go.

Prosoft has 500 distributors globally and their devices number in the 10,000’s all over the place, so we need access to those. When we looked at how complex that agility and scale was to achieve we realized, quickly that we needed a partner to help us achieve those goals. Nirmata provides a great solution that gives us, not only the flexibility to build a complex solution, but they do a lot of the heavy-lifting in managing our application and managing our solution so we don’t have to become experts in infrastructure, we can become experts in the problem that our customers are trying to solve, which is remote access.  

In thinking about designing a cloud-native application, we not only invest in strong capable technology, but we don’t geek-out on specific technology and instead focus on what’s important to our customers. We picked Nirmata because we can leverage their expertise in designing and building cloud-native applications. We knew that they could help us transform our business and after two years and lots of successes, its proven to be true. I’m really excited about our future and I am confident that we built a platform that can scale and will scale as our customer base grows and our applications grow.