Nirmata Policy Manager for Kubernetes

Shift Left, Done Right!

Manage Kyverno policies and reports across clusters

Simplify Kubernetes workload security and enforce best practices across all your clusters using continuous compliance powered by Kyverno, the Kubernetes Native Policy Engine, created by Nirmata.


Continuous Compliance using Nirmata

powered by Kyverno

Policy As Code

Manage policy groups using a GitOps style workflow and deploy across your fleet of Kubernetes clusters.

Admission Controls

In-cluster controls to validate, mutate, and generate resource configurations based on policies.

Dynamic Configuration

Automate fine-grained configuration changes to provide self-service and eliminate delays.


DevSecOps Collaboration

Customizable reporting and sharing with workload scorecards, remediation guidelines, and best practice recommendations, along with CI/CD integrations.

With Nirmata You Can..

Enforce Workload Security

Kubernetes’ declarative configuration management is powerful but complex. There are hundreds of configuration parameters that need to be managed for security. With Nirmata, administrators can use curated sets of policies, or easily define custom policies to enforce security and best practices compliance.

Enable Secure Self-Service

When Kubernetes resources are created, there is often a need for additional configurations to be applied. Typically, this is a manual and cumbersome process and could require providing elevated privileges to developers. Nirmata’s Kubernetes policy management can automate these fine-grained and dynamic configuration changes – saving time and enhancing security.

Eliminate Configuration Errors

Nirmata’s workload policies can be applied via a lightweight command-line tool to automatically validate configuration as part of CI/CD pipelines and provide immediate feedback to developers on common misconfigurations, preventing potential errors. The automated checking and validation reveal to developers what needs to be fixed before workloads are deployed to production systems.

Want to operationalize Kyverno across your Kubernetes clusters?