Nirmata accelerates cloud-native adoption with Kubernetes-based Container As A Service platform for enterprises, managed services providers and edge deployments

Nirmata accelerates cloud-native adoption with Kubernetes-based Container As A Service platform for enterprises, managed services providers and edge deployments

Kubernetes is now the de-facto platform for deploying and managing cloud-native applications. As the adoption of Kubernetes has grown beyond early-adopter use cases to more complex mission-critical applications, enterprise operations teams face significant hurdles in enabling and managing Kubernetes. At Nirmata our mission has always been “to enable all enterprises to operate and deliver world-changing applications” with Kubernetes as the key building block. A recent poll of Kubernetes users by The NewStack revealed that operator experience and developer experience are the top challenges followed by multi-tenancy. We have experienced this first-hand as we adopted Kubernetes for our cloud service and as we helped our customers operationalize Kubernetes across clouds. While the complexity of operating and using Kubernetes remains a huge concern, enterprises that are able to overcome the challenge see significant benefits such as accelerated adoption of cloud-native technologies, increased frequency of releases, quicker recovery from failures, and improved customer experience resulting in significant business advantages.

To address challenges related to operationalizing Kubernetes, Nirmata delivers a turnkey Kubernetes native management platform. Nirmata’s unique “out-of-band” management approach allows operations teams to deliver secure, self-service DevOps across development teams. With Nirmata, developers get the freedom to innovate faster while operations can ensure compliance and efficient resource utilization. Nirmata is built with three core tenets:

    • Simplicity: Simplifying Kubernetes for operators and developers by providing intuitive interfaces and reducing the learning curve.
    • Flexibility: “Kubernetes your way” has been our guiding principle as we understand that customers do not need an opinionated solution but require the flexibility to choose their own infrastructure and tools.
    • Efficiency: Ensuring efficient utilization of infrastructure by providing visibility and necessary controls to eliminate waste.

Our customers have validated our approach by accelerating their cloud-native journey. Here are some testimonials:

“Nirmata made it easy to modernize traditional applications! Containerizing my applications makes them easier to maintain. And, with Nirmata’s cloud services I can now deliver and manage my applications on any cloud, allowing our team to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

– Noe Arzate, Director of Technology at Mount Pleasant ISD

“We looked at several solutions, and none compared to Nirmata in flexibility and capabilities for application lifecycle management for mission-critical systems.”

– Daniel Wade, Vice President of Engineering, ProSoft Technology

More details on customer use cases:

There is no doubt that the future of cloud computing will be driven by hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. Increasing, enterprises are also deploying and managing software at edge and colocation facilities. Any Kubernetes management platform needs to seamlessly enable highly distributed applications across clouds and on any infrastructure. In fact, Nirmata’s unique “out-of-band” management approach enables enterprise, service providers, and edge Kubernetes deployments.

Nirmata for the Enterprise

Nirmata enables hybrid application operations for enterprises while providing necessary flexibility. In addition to integrating with all major cloud providers, Nirmata has partnered with key infrastructure ecosystem players, such as VMware & Nutanix to make enterprise hybrid cloud application management a reality. 

Nirmata for Service Providers

Nirmata’s built-in multitenancy and flexible deployment model allows managed service providers to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-service to their customers from a single management plane. Nirmata recently released an extension for VMware vCloud Director that allows MSPs to use their existing investments in VMware technologies to add new revenue streams by enabling cloud-native applications.

Nirmata for the Edge

Customers in the retail operations space, as well as technology vendors providing integrated hardware and software solutions e.g. for IIOT and 5G,  are also deploying Kubernetes at the edge. Their use cases are different and require coordination of business-critical workflows across thousands of smaller Kubernetes clusters.

Over the last eighteen months, enterprises have overwhelmingly adopted Kubernetes for cloud-native development applications. Working closely with global customers and partners, Nirmata has launched the most intuitive and flexible Kubernetes management platform that enables enterprises and MSPs to deliver a comprehensive and secure Kubernetes Container-as-a-Service that drives operational efficiencies and accelerates innovation. 

If you are interested in finding out how Nirmata can help accelerate your cloud-native journey, please reach out to request a demo

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